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Off List Replies


Please view this post as a gentle request/suggestion - this post is most 
definitely not intended as a rebuke or flame ...

This list serves a number of purposes.  I think some of the most useful 
purposes of this list are to allow folks to learn from other folks 
experiences and to build a searchable collection of community knowledge 
(I've had  more that a few Google searches lead back to the amsat bb). 
In order to share experiences and learn from other's experiences I 
suggest that the well intended phrase "please reply off-list" be used 
only when it is obvious that the information to be shared is not of 
general interest (such as replying to an item for sale or participating 
in a heated dispute).

FWIW, I just happen to have a G5400 rotor pair and a Primestar dish 
sitting in the garage waiting to be installed in my back yard and am 
also interested in  any responses to:

> I've got a G5500 rotor on its way to my QTH very soon, to become a part of my station.  I also have a Primestar dish, the really oblong one with a single feed arm, that I want to mount on the rotor.  I need some suggestions about how to mount, balance, and calibrate the dish so I don't muck up the whole thing.
> Please reply off-list

I suggest we view most of the questions asked on this list in the same 
manner that an instructor/teacher in high school or college might view a 
question from a student.  If one student is asking a question the odds 
are that there are several folks who have the same question and can make 
  good use of the answer(s).

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