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Re: Bill Ress - N6GHz - Board Candidate - OperatingSurvey


>>only chime in when it will serve a purpose, is in a civil discourse, and
isn't the same set of circular rants we have all heard before from the usual

While the ideal is laudable, you will seldom if ever find a discussion which
meets all of the above criteria.  Not referring to any individual here, but
there have been times when the core issue of the
discussion/arguement/flamewar was a valid one which should have been
addressed by the appropriate leaders and was studiously ignored.  In one
case I asked an AMSAT officer about a particular matter which came up about
2 years ago, and was told with considerable condescension that he had not
replied because he did not think the tone of the argument was worth his
time.  When pushed about the _topic_ in a polite manner, he became
defensive, and still refused to discuss it.  Even a couple of beers did not
open him up.  ;)

There is always a faction in any organization, whether it be political,
religious, labor union, or hobby, that assumes that if the leaders just did
their job correctly, all of that organization's goals would be achieved
already.  Since they are not, it is taken as proof that the leadership is
lacking, or worse.  It takes a moderately thick skin to work past this, but
it must be done for communication to work.  When it doesn't work, or is
perceived as not working, people reach out and try new channels.  

Enjoy your trip to KL7-land!


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