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WD9EWK for Tuesday (22 July)

Hello again!

It's after midnight (0700 UTC)... not as much driving today 
(almost 400 miles/640km Monday, compared to over 500 miles/800km
Sunday), but still a lot of activity from 5 grids (DM25, DM26,
DM36, DM46, DM47) today on all 3 FM satellites.  Thanks to all 
the stations calling me and making contacts with me so far (22
QSOs on one AO-51 pass tonight!).

This morning, I was on from near Lake Powell (DM46fx/DM47fa)
in Arizona just south of the Utah state line.  Just before
midday (local time), I stopped at grid DM36pu in northern 
Arizona (north of the Grand Canyon) for an SO-50 pass.  Then
a stop just off the I-15 freeway in northwestern Arizona
(DM36at) for the first of two AO-27 passes followed by moving
a few miles/km to park on the DM26xt/DM36at grid boundary 
for the second AO-27 pass.  Then off to Las Vegas, parking on
the DM25jx/DM26ja grid boundary on the south end of the Las
Vegas Strip for the two AO-51 passes.  

For Tuesday, my main objective is to try to put DM24 on the
air a couple of times before returning home.  I have not 
decided if I will park on grid-boundary lines as I have 
done or just stop wherever I happen to be and get on from
there.  DM24 straddles Arizona and California, and this is
one grid in 2 1/2 years I have never heard on the air.  I
will try to work both AO-27 passes from somewhere within
this grid.  Beyond that, I might try for one of the midday
SO-50 passes and *possibly* the first (eastern) AO-51 pass
as I'm driving back to Phoenix.  

As of tonight, I have driven about 1200 miles/2000km since
leaving home on Thursday for the hamfest in northern Arizona
last Friday and Saturday.  I have transmitted from 9 different
grids in and around Arizona in the past few days (DM25, DM26, 
DM35, DM36, DM45, DM46, DM47, DM56, DM57).  Hopefully that grid
count will go to at least 10, or maybe 11, depending on how 
tomorrow turns out.  I've logged 152 QSOs since Thursday.
Tomorrow will add at least 300 miles/500km driving to what
I've done already, and more QSOs.  


Patrick WD9EWK/VA7EWK - currently in Las Vegas, Nevada

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