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Re: Volunteering

Marc Vermeersch (ON4AMV),

I understand your experience with the volunteer form on the Web site. That
data has been going into a database managed by Perry W3PK. Then people in
AMSAT who need help are supposed to go to Perry to get excerpts from this
database and contact the people on the list for help. Clearly that process
is not working. 

I have ideas on how to make the volunteer database more useful but it will
take a volunteer to write an application to make this data available on-line
and let the owner of the data change it as their situation changes. 

I apologize if I am not responsive enough on amsat-bb. I have a real job
that must be attended to as well and there are only so many hours in a day.

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And again... No reply....

Statistically spoken, I didn't expect one...

Funny organization!

Rick Hambly (W2GPS) schreef:
> Luc,
> You and Dave are very creative. Wouldn't it be wonderful if you used your
> creativity for something useful and positive? I'm sure there must be
> something you can do that would help the Ham community you obviously 
> care so
> much about.
> Rick
> AMSAT LM2232


Interesting point!! What if I wanted to volunteer?

On 3 occasions over the last 3-4 years I have filled out the volunteer 
questionnaire on the amsat website because I was motivated to volunteer, 
have many of the skills that are requested, a lot of free time and money 
to spend. I followed up with email also. I have NEVER received any 
feedback; not on the questionnaire, not on the follow up emails. Never 
got an answer when I asked why...


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