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Re: Volunteering

Robert Bruninga wrote:
> When I further pressure him to go out an find a job, he just
> goes out, collects more applications...  And comes back to play
> video games...  When pressured, he responds with the number of
> applications he has filled out.  Nothing about going out and
> "working" to find a job...

Humm, I think this is an interesting situation.  It points out how amazingly 
lazy we all are about making something happen.  The more fortunate of us have 
things landing in our laps, and we pick and choose.  Those of us without such 
opportunities have to go out and work to find something we can get a hold of, so 
that we can have something to do, and if we are lucky, we get payed enough to 
eat today and have a roof over our head.

One of the things that a well known TV therapist says is "you have to know their 
currency."  I.e. you have to know what they value the most, and make sure you 
are trading in that currency.  Otherwise, the motivation is just not there for them.

Some of the more popular video games, which are Multiuser online games, have 
whole ecosystems in them.  I've watched various people become very infatuated 
with those echosystems and their challenges and rewards.  They are easy to 
recover from disaster in.  You can't go negative, although you can misspend 
monies and mistrade items to lose on the balance sheet.

The kids are easily drawn in by the chance to be better than someone else, with 
the convenience of anonymity.

Somewhat like this list...

Gregg Wonderly
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