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Re: Torture

Both AMSAT-NA and AMSAT-DL have determined that a launch opportunity won't 
just appear. When you're paying for the launch, you can pick the flight to 
ride on. I don't see any need to build flight hardware in advance because 
launch authority web sites show that you must schedule at least 18-24 months 
in advance. I'd assume that there will be similar lead times when riding 
along in someone else's satellite. What seems most useful now is research 
into how to make the most efficient use of a very expensive platform in 



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> My sense is that if the outlook for resources is that we'll have enough 
> for everything except the launch, then we should get Eagle and/or the 
> Intelsat thing ready as fast as prudently possible.  Everyone--designers, 
> builders, Board, membership at large-- will have a great sense of 
> achievement.  Then, if it comes to naught, we'll all know that we did what 
> we could.  As it stands, it seems it would take a great deal of 
> time--years-- to be ready even if a launch opportunity appeared.  But then 
> again, I'm not at all sure of that, because for information we have 
> available is, well, woefully inadequate.

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