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Re: Vanishing Hams

On Jul 17, 2008, at 4:11 PM, Robert Bruninga wrote:

>>> Our youth of today have become operators of
>>> electronic toys for thier own self amusment.
> Two thoughts.
> 1) If kids are as uninterested as some people say, maybe we
> should just focus on the 50+ guys who have outgrown the need for
> instant gratification and want a fun hobby that he has the time
> and $$$ to do..

Which will only compound the problem, when they die in the  
statistically-likely 25-30 years.
You're not thinking long-term.
> 2) If you want a group of kids to show radio, consider boy
> scouts.  Most of them soon learn how useless their cell phones
> are when they are off at camp or in the wilderness.  So at least
> they see that value to ham radio easily...

Any serious outdoorsman can benefit from an HT the size of a pack of  
cigarettes. I take mine with me every time I set foot on a daylong  
hike. They're also potentially very useful for people who might do  
extremish things such as sea-kayaking, mountain climbing, etc.
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