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Re: HEO Launch Costs

Raising money from scientific institutions is the right thing do. AMSAT-NA 
is also trying to raise money from different sources. Since the sources are 
different, they are not competing and I don't see why we should kill off one 
effort before either succedes.



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>> At Ham Radio 2008 the AMSAT-DL P3E update included the statement that 
>> "the
>> cost quoted by Arianespace for the launch of P3E is outside the budget of
>> 73,
>> John
> Hi John, KD6OZH
> Even if the cost quoted by Arianespace for the launch of P3E is outside 
> the
> budged of AMSAT-DL I am confident that they will find the strategy and the
> policy to get it into orbit because P3E will carry the X band transponder
> that has been designed to test the possibility to use the X band for the
> Mars probe P5A and many scientific Institutions are interested in P5A
> In the following paper written for P5A
> http://www.amsat-dl.org/p5a/p5a-to-mars.pdf
> Doctor Karl Meinzer, DJ4ZC writes:
> "Such a mission requires money which can certainly not be raised from
> AMSAT or from amateur radio. Ho-wever, since such a project finds
> interest for many reasons from other institutions, and the ability to
> finance such a mission appears to be a smaller problem, if it remains in 
> the
> scope of customary AMSAT projects."
> http://ticket-to-mars.org/en_EN/mission.html
> In my opinion if the ability to finance a P5A mission appears to be a
> smaller problem it seems to me that to finance a P3E launch should be
> not impossible with the help of the scientific Institutions +Arianespace
> and the amateur community.
> The good policy and strategy of AMSAT-DL was to include a X band
> experiment into P3E wich is vital to test the ability to use the X band
> for P5A and many scientific Institution like Bockum are interested in
> P5A
> If P5A becomes a reality in the future many amateur stations will 
> cooperate
> to collect telemetry from the Mars probe and so our amateur contribution 
> to
> the scientific Institutions will pay the effort to have P3E launched for 
> the
> rest of the amateur satellite communications.
> It seems to me that P3E and P5A are based both on a scientific and amateur
> interest because they are casted over a common solid  pillar that make
> happy at the same time scientist people and the amateurs community.
> 73" de
> i8CVS Domenico

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