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On 16 Jul 2008 at 22:40, John B. Stephensen wrote:

> Hi Luc,
> You're assuming that there is enough money in the combination of all AMSAT 
> organizations and that each AMSAT has an equal chance of getting a ride into 
> orbit in all countries.

No You get me wrong here if we regroup all the funding sources in one international satellite launching fund where each AMSAT'S group will 
be in charge of promoting their own country funding structure towards one goal it is possible to accumulate enough money for a launch. Not 
a launch per country but all the country for a launch eg: P3E

If ISS is too expensive could be as the VO-52 launch where India provide the launcher another country can be a part of the launching 
solution. When i refer to closed circle there is a lot of individual satellite project running at the same time it was could be the trend 
of the last decade but no more as the launch ride seems to be out of reach from an amateur stand point.

with the present AMSAT-NA conflictual personality crisis it seems obvious if we want to have an HEO soon in space AMSAT-DL is the most 
advanced project. I know MANY amsat's already donate funds but is it not logic in 2008 to focus all the available resources towards one 
goal instead of spreading our efforts?

Now for the complaining critics or for those who cannot stand the others opinion it is normal that something can go wrong failed or 
collapse, speaking about it discussing about it will never change the reality of a problematic situation. The i am always right syndrome or 
the never admit your fault culture can be a nationwide trend but if you read about marketing when a client is satisfied he will tell it to 
2 others but when he's not satisfied he will tell it to 10 others. Is it not the time for AMSAT-NA TO LOOK AT THEIR MEMBERS AS THEIR 

YES i know WE ARE HAM'S and HAM'S are volunteers but what was true in the Henry Percy Maxim time is no more true. In 2008 money speak much 
more louder and if AMSAT-NA does not deeply change his approach they are on a crashing course.

I wrote since 3 years now that the amateur satellite business is not a cheap one if we want to get results we will have to take out A LOT 
OF MONEY from our pocket. Are we ready to do that? Bad time with the gaz at 4$ a gallon (30% more here...) and a mortgage crisis down the 
border. But we will have to get the money one way or another if we want to have an HEO

How much a launching campaing cost 5 millions? OK turned around and mount a funding structures how many world-wide contributors are 
available 6000 7000 10000? what the national association can do to support a launching campaign ARRL RAC REF RSGB JARL? Is it possible a 5$ 
membership fee can be added to their annual membership tarif?

Yes it is a revolutionary concept it take's a lot of work but what is the the purpose of the AMSAT-NA section coorrdinators? Could be 
assigning a new promoting task in searching for funds in their own regional amateur radio clubs will be the spark who will ignite them?

If within a group or a country someone cannot express his or her opinion freely it is as a former air force general says when he was 
commenting on a new airplane model who was loosing his wheel on take off "There is surely something wrong on a plane who his loosing his 

The quote of the day

"One day an old man told me i'm old but i still can raise my foot at the height of an asshole!"

P.S. The old man was not an AMSAT-NA member should i ask him to join Mr Hambly?   


Luc Leblanc VE2DWE
Skype VE2DWE


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