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vanishing hams etc

hi folks, fig i would get in on this one, at least say what feel and think 
about it, Im waiting with that one fellow till they die off, hi old fuds 
that is, some of them anyway,none of them like the shuttle! Won't even move 
up to the real world and have a shuttle launch net here. ( I tryed that once 
and they tryed to ban me from the local repeater) Just one or two fellows is 
all it takes to take the fun out of this hobbie. When I first went to get my 
license, the old fart said to me, What do you want? it was just the way he 
said it, mean.   Ever since I had this feeling about some of the fellows 
there that I really don't want to know. I call them grumpy old men. Sure we 
need some young blood in our hobbie, and its going to take another way of 
gettting them there/here..  Tryed giving my station/time for the ares/races 
group, that did not turn out, to many Indian Chiefs  and no one knows who is 
in charge. (station manager) And the people that are there have been the 
head honchos for twenty five years and things won't change.  Or the new 
people that come are now placed in charge and they know less, let alone how 
it makes you feel, being there for years and someone new comes in and takes 
charge of you.
We had field day and no one came to our booth. I wonder why. by the way not 
many for field day also,  Listened to the skywarn net tonight, not many 
there no more also. I wonder why. I know why, Its the way people are 
acting/treating  each other. So everyone needs to think about it, be nice 
and pay attention to that amateur code, make sure (others) have fun. And be 
nice. :) And I won't even mention the descrimination that I seen.

    Vanishing Hams, probley, maybe. but maybe not, if we see our mistakes 
and take heed.
and tell others about them like i am here.

just another middle age ham.

looking here for another topic

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