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I think I will go find the unsubscribe instructions . . . how foolish to 
bother fellow ham radio operators with comments like this. Just looks bad.


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> On 15 Jul 2008 at 21:07, Nate Duehr wrote:
>> A little boy named Luc cried out again that AMSAT wasn't doing what he
>> wants, but didn't offer any real solutions that will work -- and the
>> entire mailing list looked at him together and said, "three time".
>> --
>> Nate Duehr, WY0X
>> nate@natetech.com
> As someone wrote
> "Only the leaders ideas are promoted even if they
> are no more up to date as they are getting trailing
> support by few foul mouth it is a vicious circle who fortunately start to 
> break
> up..."
> The diseases is spreading...GM is collapsing towards a possible 
> bankruptcy. Budweiser is now owned by a belguim company. Fannie Mae and
> Freddie Mac are lurking with bankruptcy too. Some post on AMSAT-BB are a 
> possible explanation about the root of the disease. When a dog
> feel he's attacked when he's in a dead end with no escape possible he 
> bites. His animal survival instinct often make's him appears having
> rabies.
> Fun too see how close human's reactions are from the animal world.
> Fortunately here some help about the first symptoms
> The first symptoms are usually non-specific, flu-like symptoms - fever, 
> tiredness, headache that may last for a few days. In the acute
> stage, which quickly follows, an individual exhibits anxiety, confusion, 
> insomnia, agitation, hallucinations and hyperactivity (furious
> rabies) or paralysis (dumb rabies). The acute period usually ends after 2 
> to 10 days. In both furious and dumb rabies, a complete paralysis
> develops, followed by coma. Death occurs during the first 7 days of 
> illness without intensive care.
> Please note in our case study:
> Our individual also exhibits sign of anxiety, confusion, agitation and 
> hallucinations!
> As read on another post  " I am 80 years old and know that ignoring them 
> is the best way to
> treat them, but sometimes they just go too far."
> But how to ignore an attacking dog?
> My answer is ALWAYS SMILE :)
> And here is a short story to ease your tension and blood pressure.
> Bush, Putin and Chretien are in hell and they ask the devil if they can 
> called their own country. The devil say yes and he show them the
> red phone.
> Chretien called first at the end of the call he hang the phone and he 
> asked the devil "how much for the call?" The devil say 2 millions.
> Chretien was furious and he ask why? the devil say you are in hell here 
> and it is a long distance call.
> Putin want's to call home too the devil shout go ahead! At the end of the 
> call he also ask "How much" 2 millions the devil said. It is a
> long distance also for me? the devil say YES.
> Bush also called home and he asked also how much, the devil say 2$ Bush 
> ask why it is so low the devil say it is a local call for you!
> P.S. There is no connection between any individual and any animal species 
> in the above text if you misinterpreted the text please don't
> bite me...
> "-"
> Luc Leblanc VE2DWE
> Skype VE2DWE
> www.qsl.net/ve2dwe

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