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At 12:43 AM 7/16/2008, Dave Guimont wrote:

> >I fully expect to receive incoming slings and arrows for my input, and I do
> >understand for those who get their egos fed by leading/participating in the
> >design process for AMSAT-NA won't like this idea, but hey who is AMSAT here
> >to serve anyway?
>Yes, Joe hang in there! I get "darted", but my shoulders are broad,
>and my goal is to get "something launched" besides an FM voice LEO...
>A lot of us agree with your ideas of giving all the money to AMSAT-DL
>and get SOMETHING up there.
>AMSAT-NA is obviously completely incapable of doing so...Why does it
>even exist, except perhaps to feed the egos of a few??

Dave: what you do  not seem to realize is that for MANY years, 
members of AMSAT-NA and TAPR have been working with AMSAT-DL on these projects.
AMSAT-DL wouldn't be as far as they are on P3E without that input, 
and of course THEIR input has been outstanding also ...

But as stated earlier, there aren't any free rides anymore ... we've 
engineered ourselves right out of that market by showing the 
commercial folks how to bundle things with their launches so as to 
maximize payroll.

I guess it is fair to say that we are in a bit of turmoil here ... 
volunteers are tired, unguided, misguided, deguided and overall worn-out.

So I guess it is time for fresh ideas.

Could you please outline YOUR plan to turn this around? You must have 
SOMETHING constructive to add rather than vitriol. How about running 
for the BoD and showing us how it's done? Maybe Luc could be the new 
Public Information Officer. He seems to like filling up mailboxes 
with lots of STUFF ... oops, I guess that is one of the definitions 
of SPAM. Let's just stick with YOUR candidacy. Seriously, like they 
say in the Nike ads, "Just do it!"

Dave VE3GYQ/W8
Spencerville, OH

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