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I have and continue to be proud of this organization.  We are not a
perfect organization.  Just a  few volunteer.  And they do the best job
that they can.

I know that I personally can only do so much.  I do have a very
demanding job and a family that needs my attention.  But I think that I
and the many volunteers that support the ARISS activity have done a
fantsatic job in supporting AMSAT.  And amateur radio in general.  We
are doing good work and share a positive attitude as we know we are
making a difference.

I KNOW that there is an active effort within AMSAT-NA to bring HEO and
LEO amateur radio satellites to fruitition.  I can see it happening,
despite the negative rhetoric and severe comments that exist on this BB.
For those that are continuing to support the AMSAT mission...I tip my

I have been in the space business for 33 years.  At one point in my
career I went a LONG time without launching a specific satellite. (7
years!)  This happens to NASA.  This happens to ESA and the other space
agencies.  And this is currently happening to AMSAT.  So....keep the
faith and VOLUNTEER.

For those naysayers out there....those that like to NOT volunteer and/or
enjoy throwing stones...I wish you would change your attitude.  Or move
to another BB.  Help, not hurt.  As all I see you want to do is tear
down this organization.  And I must say that it is easy to tear down an
organization.  And it is very hard to build one up....to volunteer...to
make GOOD THINGS happen. 

I received this URL today.  Read number 16.  
This hobby can continue.  But only if we build it up through positive
actions.  And not tear it down through venom and unkind words.  

Think about it....as YOU can make that difference.


Frank H. Bauer, KA3HDO
AMSAT-NA V.P. for Human Spaceflight Programs

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