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>> I think, however that it's time for a change 
>> in leadership. 

How about a change in who does all the work.  If AMSAT could
just get as much actual productive space-quality work out of all
the hot air complainers as they get useless naysaying, those
beleagered workers might actually be able to make some progres.

> I've been complaining about similar tactics... 
> objecting mostly, to the use of FM voice vs ssb/cw.

And most people are getting tired of hearing it.  Just get out
of the way.  The beleagered few who are doing the work need
support not constant rock throwing...

> At this point I am not sure there are any feathers 
> in the bag, mostly rocks!!

And some never resist an opportunity to throw more on their

> Try AO51, and if one tries anything other than a 
> call sign, grid square, pandemonium ensues telling 
> me to get off the air!!

In ham radio it is best to adopt the proper protocol/etiquette
on any given channel, than to forceably try to use a technique
known to be disruptive to the communications techniques already
in use. 

> First time I've ever heard that on ham radio 
> after being licensed for 60 years!!

Actually, back then, I thought people were more polite. Forcing
CW on voice freqs, forcing SSB on CW freqs, forcing AM on SSB
freqs, forcing contest operation on rag chew freqs and forcing
rag-chew on contest freqs are all examples of things that are
normally avoided by considerate operators.  Forcing others on
AO-51 to one's own opinionated style of operating also is
probably not being considerate to others..

> Somebody do something!!

AMSAT is we.  Everyone is somebody.  But "doing something" does
not mean complaining about and blocking what others do.  If one
is not helping, then they need to just get out of the way...

> 73, [SIGNED]
> Disagree: I learn....
> Pulling for P3E... 

And apparently fighting and rock throwing against everything

I believe those volunteers in AMSAT are doing the best they can,
and in ham radio it is well known that no single path will
please everyone.  But for sure, they can make progress on
whatever path they are on if they are not constantly being
bombarded by rocks from the peanut gallery...


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