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You are right on a number of points. The AMSAT Web site has gone down hill
since Emily retired from maintaining it and no one else volunteered. The
AMSAT Store has been down for quite a while. Both of these are being fixed.
The store will be back on line at its new host location in a matter of
hours. Soon we will start a total revamp of the Web site to make it easier
to maintain and to allow the data to be updated by those who have the latest


I will be speaking with Gould this evening and I will pass along you
concerns about Area Coordinators. AMSAT is very grateful for the service of
these ACs and we try to provide them with all the information and support we
can. I'm sure we can do better, however.


I have not fired anyone. I have asked three team leaders to take a 'time
out" from being team leaders to let their disputes cool down while a
presidential advisory commission looks into reorganizing the engineering
department to make it more effective and to focus the team efforts on
tangible results. I have asked all project volunteers to keep working. I
have spoken to Jim Sanford at length during this period of change. He has
provided valuable support and advice but is not available to step into an
active role yet because of the pressures of his real world job. 


Your statement that "you folks are so enduring to yourselves" shows a
disappointing lack of understanding. We are volunteers who try our best.
Sometimes we do well, which almost no one notices, and sometimes we make
mistakes, which generates plenty of comments. In the end we are just Hams
who are trying to do something special and getting precious little in
return. It is a thankless job. If you would like to know more or volunteer
for an influential position please contact me off line. 







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I've been volunteering as an Area Coordinator since 1978 or so. Before that
I was a Project Oscar member from 1972.. I've never seen this organization
and the support of A/C's as dysfunctional as it is now! The AMSAT Website is
a disgrace and hasn't been updated in many months. The on line purchasing of
stuff doesn't work. I was one of the volunteers who worked on the 70 CM
Prototype Telemetry receiver. I was the guy that put the Excel spreadsheet
together to identify, order and track parts...


In any event, from my standpoint, the Area Coordinators haven't had any real
support for years. Information out of the organization is dismal! ... So
you've FIRED everyone on Eagle.... I should try to follow politics in this
organization more closely.... I don't do that.... I think, however that it's
time for a change in leadership. When I was one of the individuals working
on the 70 cm telemeter receivers, Jim Stafford was the Project Manager. Jim
was an excellent PM. What happened????? 


I think sometimes you folks are so enduring to yourselves, you think you
have everything in control and don't realize the support and organization is
crumbling around you. And the worst of it all.... YOU let happen and didn't
do anything to change things.!!


Dave Smith W6TE


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