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Rotor Control interface help follow up.


	Nice to have such a knowledge base to work with!

	I want to thank all of you who responded and gave me info and links
to some inexpensive goodies to get the rotors under computer control.

	For anyone else who is lurking in the wings and reading the mail,
here is what I got for a short list and links where applicable.

	FOD track boards.  Boards available from Far Circuits,
	AMSAT tracker. AMSAT carries the LVB tracker:


It uses the same protocol, can be configured for either USB or serial port,
and goes assembled for around $200, and can be had in various versions of
completion for less.

	ARRL Sat Tracker 688 boards.
	This is probable for the price it is looking like about the most
inexpensive solution.


Nice but NOT inexpensive.

	Primetec Primesat Controler.

Very nice but break out the bucks cause it ain't cheep!

	So, there you have it.

	Still modeling the current antennas (Old Cushcraft Oscar twins) and
looking them over to see what needs servicing or parts and weighing if they
get used or replaced with something homebrew (and better).
	Hopefully, when it cools down a bit in the fall here in Phoenix I
can get up on the roof and put this mess together and be ready for what ever
AMSAT puts into space.  :>)

	Again, to all that responded, a big THANK YOU!

	Best 72,73,


Michael Baker  K7DD

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