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Re: OSCAR-10 & OSCAR-13 video on the web


> It was realley good to see the presentation on the P3E transponder. TNX to
all involved in our next DX satellite.

I just watched it too, and I loved it. Amazing how the simple sound of a
400bps BPSK beacon brings a smile.

But how the demo happened at all is a miracle.

I arrived at Friedrichschafen at 10pm at night on the Thurday, the day
before the demo. Due to unexpected work commitments I had to return to
Jersey (Channel Islands) by Friday afternoon, so I had to get the first
flight back out again at 6am, only eight hours later.

OK, so plenty of time to hand over everything. On the flight from Frankfurt,
I was with the CEOs of Yaesu, Icom, Kenwood. At the baggage reclaim, they
all got their bags. My bag, checked in at Frankfurt, didn't make it. With
the SDX inside. With no more flights that day, there was no way the SDX was
going to arrive by the time I had to leave.

So I left directions for Lufthansa to send the bag due on the 9am flight
from FRA the next day to go direct to the show. And I gave Freddie ON6UG and
Hartmut DL1YDD a twenty minute 'back of the envelope' guide to set it up.
For the man on the street, no way. But I figured these guys are Radio Hams,
right? They can do anything, right?

Well, I guess Radio Hams really can do anything. No calls, no emails, no
text messages. How I wish all my work customers were like that.

73, Howard G6LVB

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