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Re: Best type of coax to use between preamps and antennas

I used the same setup that I have at the house.  I did find one piece of 
suspect coax once I returned home.  According to my 259B, it had a 
higher loss for a short run than I would have expected.  There were 
several transformers in proximity to where we were located that could 
have been putting out some noise.  The other satellite op could hear the 
noise I didnt hear that subsided later in the evening.  The preamps were 
located within 10-15 feet of the antennas.

I have ordered replacement LRM400 to use in place of the Mini8/U coax 
that I was running from the preamps to the antennas.  Will see what happens.


Jim Danehy wrote:
> Ron
> Did you diagnose what your problem was ? Water in the coax ? Where is  
> your preamp mounted ? If very near (10 feet) the antenna you can use 
> RG8. If you feel intimidated by N connectors (many folks are), Henry 
> Radio and others sell a two (2) piece N connector that is installed much 
> like a PL 259 which you have probably installed many times. Check out 
> Henry Radio on Ebay. If you need more info on this email me direct. I 
> think they get around $4 a connector. A short run (10 ft) of RG8 at 
> 432mhz or 144mhz is not too prohibited, in my opinion. Or you can have 
> somebody put together a jumper as you have noted. Self reliance provides 
> better quality control in my opinion.
> Jim W9VNE
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> Subject: [amsat-bb] Best type of coax to use between preamps and antennas
>> After problems I had on Field Day in trying to operate the satellites, 
>> I am looking to upgrade the coax I use between the preamps and the 
>> antennas. I am using 9913FX from the IC-910H and the preamps.  I had 
>> been using RG Mini 8/U for the connection between the preamps and 
>> antennas.  Should I also use 9913FX between the preamps and the 
>> antennas?  The run between the radio and the preamp is 50 ft.  The run 
>> from the preamp to the antennas is about 10 - 15 ft depending on where 
>> I set the antennas up.  I am concerned about how flexible the 9913FX 
>> would be in terms of the antennas rotating back and forth.  I was 
>> planning on ordering the cables pre-made from CableXperts since 
>> working with N connectors isnt my strong point and dont want to worry 
>> about my soldering and having a good connection on both ends of the 
>> cable.
>> Any suggestions appreciated.
>> Thanks,
>> Ron
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