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Re: Best type of coax to use between preamps and antennas


There are a variety of flexible, low loss cables.  Over a 10-15 foot length
the differences in loss would be inconsequential.  Probably the most
important factor is that it has excellent shielding, and preferably double
shielding, to prevent pickup between the RX and TX bands.  Over the years I
have used RG-213, Davis Bury-Flex, LMR-400UF, and probably AirCom around the
rotators.  I have used the original "water pipe" 9913 only, but I suspect
the modern flexible version would be fine as well.  Even with heavy use back
in the pacsat and HEO days, I have never had a failure of a cable, except
for one of my bad connector installations where I did not provide proper
strain relief.  


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