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Alfa-Spid AzEl Rotator Experiences or Recommendations?


It is beginning to look as if it is time to replace my venerable Yaesu
rotators after 20 years of abuse.  I was wondering what experience people
have had with the "new" AzEl rotator?  (The
http://www.alfaradio.ca/alfaspid.html web page calling it the "new" rotator
was last updated in 2003, so that is probably any relatively recent
purchase.)  Doing the Google and checking eHam picked up a lot of
discussion, but mostly of the standard Az rotators.  The reports are mostly
highly positive, with a small minority complaining of flimsy electrical
connectors and gears.  The latter seem to apply to older units.  The M2
units are certainly impressive, but physically large enough to be a problem,
as well as being pricey.

TNX es 73s,



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