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Re: JUBILEE and other frustrations,

Without getting into the issue too much.  I would remind the project 
managers that their constituency (and contributors or potenitial 
contributors) rely on periodic progress reports on developing 
satellite projects.  This complaint is not new to amsat-bb (we heard 
it for AO-40), so it should not be news to project managers.

We all realize that the builders and creators are working hard and 
puting in many volunteer hours, but for the greater satellite 
community to keep interested and supporting they need to hear what is 
happening (fairly frequently).  That does take some time and effort 
away from direct project work but is very neccessary for a volunteer 
run organization.

When looking for news on P3E I can find little on-line that is recent 
(most dates two years old), or is only in german language (which I do 
not read/speak).  Even if things are at a full standstill the 
supporting membership is owed an occassional update.  That may 
generate a few "grousing remarks" from a few but that goes with the task.

Amsat Journal does attempt this to a degree, but I think the summary 
remarks should be given either on Amsat-bb or ANS which is available 
to all.  Regular news tells the general satellite community that the 
leadership cares about their support.

It would be good if P3E were to share on Amsat-bb or at least post 
more regular reports to Amsat-DL website.  As an Amsat-NA field op I 
get questions that I am not able to answer...that should not happen 
very often.  Certainly the basic stuff like how are the new satellite 
projects coming and when can we expect them to be launched.

Since AO-10/13 there has been a long wait for the next full HEO 
sat.  AO-40 did not last long enough and it has been a few years 
since then!  A lot of folks are trying to be patient and need some 
words to help them keep the faith.

73, Ed - KL7UW              BP40iq, 6m - 3cm
144-EME: FT-847, mgf-1801, 4x-xp20, 185w
http://www.kl7uw.com     AK VHF-Up Group
NA Rep. for DUBUS: dubususa@hotmail.com

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