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Re: Shuttle question

At 11:50 PM 5/29/2008, Tony Langdon wrote:
>At 12:09 PM 5/30/2008, Ronald Nutter wrote:
> >How about one step further - Maybe they can "pick up" AO-40 and bring it
> >back for a repair job ?
>That would be extremely tricky.  I haven't done the sums, but there
>is a significant difference in velocity between AO-40 at perigee and
>a LEO.  However, the delta-V required would be well beyond the
>Shuttle's capabilities (Ever seen a Shuttle launched into
>GTO?).  Assuming someone had the money to pay for AO-40's return,
>you'd require some propulsion unit sent up to slow it down and
>circularize the orbit (possibly with the assistance of aerobraking
>over a period of time), before you could organise a Shuttle flight to
>pick it up.  Given the cost and the number of unknowns (like how safe
>would it be to carry AO-40 back, given we have no idea of its
>condition except that it's up there somewhere), I'd say the odds of
>this happening are essentially zero.
>Interesting "thought experiment" though. :)
>73 de VK3JED

Once you total the costs it may actually be cheaper to build a new 
satellite and launch it!
Back the effort for P3E and Eagle/P4.

73 Ed - KL7UW

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