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Re grizzles

I'm surprised that the trolling occurring on the BBS has aroused such 
strange reactions.

Surely there is a place for all space endeavors to be discussed, 
rationally, on this BBS (nearly said BS there!).

Personally speaking I have had great help from many on this list, 
including some whose (political/technical) views differ from mine.

I well remember the replies that I got from A way off topic subject a 
few months ago that really, really helped me out.I guess that a lot of 
the help etc that is provided from a request on the BBS is not seen by 
the majority simply because the replies are direct to the the original 
poster, maybe we (I) should dual post, and annoy a lot of the casual 
"skimmers" on the BBS?

As to having "moderators" controlling the NA AMSAT BBS I'd have to say no.

Why, well I feel that a lot of (most) folk that post are trying to find 
an answer to a question or simply throw something into the ring and 
check back for an Answer or may be open their mailbox to see if a reader 
has replied directly.

I'm sure others on the BBS can relate to my experiences, and can see the 
value in leaving the (basically self moderating) bbs as it is.

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