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Re: JUBILEE and other frustrations

I concur with Ken and Drew. This constant griping and complaining about 
cubesats, FM sats, lack of HEO sats etc. etc. serves absolutely no purpose.
 The sense of "entitlement" that some  op's tend to display is embarassing 
to the hobby as a whole. I'm constantly hearing how we need to expose more 
young people to the hobby. What better way to do that than to help college 
students out with a cubesat project? Should the prescense of a transponder 
be a prerequisite for our knowledge and resources? Why does there 
automatically have to be something in it for "us"?
Michael, W4HIJ
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>>From: "Ransom, Kenneth G. (JSC-OC)[BAR]" <kenneth.g.ransom@nasa.gov>
>>Seems that IF only a transmitter was included then you must not have
>>taken enough interest in seeing that more was included. Next time, you
>>should be willing to step up and ensure that a transceiver operation is
>>include. Try addressing the issue before the satellite leaves the launch
>>pad. If you still have no results, then you have a platform to complain
>>I'm also a bit concerned regarding the comment about "our frequencies".
>>Most of these satellites appear to be operating in the UHF spectrum
>>which amateur radio is not the primary or only group with allocations.
>>Kenneth - N5VHO
> Well said Ken! Grumping about after the fact serves no useful purpose, and 
> some of the comments I've seen seem very selfish and "me first". While it 
> would be nice to have an open two-way package on RS-30, the designers and 
> builders of that satellite in reality owe us nothing.
> Perhaps an interested group could offer to build or sponsor a transponder 
> on the _next_ launch to that orbit?
> 73, Drew KO4MA
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