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Re: you guys look bad

On Thursday 29 May 2008 17:31:55 Jim Danehy wrote:
> I joined the AMSAT BB about a week ago. I was looking for some technical
> assistance . . .  I normally do not subscribe to "reflectors" ( bulletin
> boards). . . . I now have a reminder why I refrain from doing that.
> I have been able to get some excellent ideas about what I am trying to do
> personally with my station. Thanks to those who have written me.
> A little more of the belly aching and I will pull the darn plug . . .  I
> wonder if there is this  type of complaining on EME associated bulletin
> boards ?
> Jim W9VNE

Jim,  Most of the lists I'm on reflect that wide variety of human attributes,
including such as great helpers and constant whiners.  It's what you get
when dealing with a clump of humans.  Yes, there is squabbling at times
on EME mailing lists.  The biggest contention there, as far as I can tell is
the idea of whether digital modes like WSJT is a good idea, if its compatible
in contests with other modes, etc.

Just like all the other lists I'm on, there are folks who disagree.  You
don't want lists that are all sweetness, do you?

--STeve Andre'
wb8wsf  en82
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