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Re: JUBILEE and other frustrations

Funny that, Bob.
I agree with all 10 of your below ideas.

Robert Bruninga wrote:

> "Those HF contesters should not be using the Amateur Bands, they
> should be passing useful communications or traffic!"
> "Those Traffic passers are not real amateur operators, because
> they will not respond with QSL's!"
> "Those old fud rag chewers on HF think they own the frequency.
> They should let others use the frequency for more useful
> communications"
> "Those FM commuters are just wasting air time, saying the same
> old thing every day.  Why don't they just use a cell phone!"
> "Those AM guys are just wasting 6 KHz of spectrum, they should
> be made illegal on the amateur bands"
> "Who wants to look at all those SSTV pictures,  Its just the
> same old post-card!  They should not be using 3 KHz of bandwidth
> for such stupid applications"...
> "Those Winlink guys are killing amateur radio by turning the
> bands into an automatic communications system."
> "Those Echolink and IRLP links are bad for ham radio.  Why don't
> they just use HF or a phone if they want to talk to someone far
> away."
> "Those Radio control Airplanes operating on the Amateur band
> should never be there, they are not communications".
> "Those experimental Balloons just transmit pictures and
> telemetry, without a transponder, they have no purpose in
> Amateur Radio"
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