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Re: newbie question Icom 910H & LEO antennas


Ron  writes about how he uses the AFC.  I tried that.  It's pretty cool, but 
you still have to tune to uplink for doppler.  The downlink track perfectly. 
I used to have the memory channels set up, actually still do, but now never 
use them.

But, with SATPC32, the whole process is automated and works for the SSB 
birds too.  I only have to touch the IC-910H radio for a four things:
1.  Change the PL tone to turn on the SO-50 satellite transmitter.  Then 
change back to the normal PL.
2.  Tune across the bandwidth of the linear transponder SSB / CW satellites 
to locate other hams scattered across the transponder passband.
3.  Track other SSB operators who are not using doppler control.
4.  Turn on or off my preamps when needed or not needed.
Automation is great.  It controls my rotors Ken Pro KR-500 and HAM-IV (with 
custom home made enhancements to the rotor controllers), my G-5400B AZ-EL 
rotors I am using to build a portable setup, tunes for doppler, and can be 
set up to automatically switch to selected active satellites, so all you 
have to do is talk and log your contacts.  A voice recorder helps there in 
case you miss something.  I still haven't found a way for it to send out the 
QSL cards automatically, YET!

Oh yes, I looked at some of the reviews in eHam.  There were complaints 
about not being able to set separate RX and TX PL tones - The reviewer needs 
to read the manual.  You do have to be careful.  For example, with SO-50, if 
you want to turn on the satellite transmitter with a 74.0 PL tone, you have 
to know what you are doing.  There are 4 different PL tones that can be set. 
If you change the wrong one, the satellite won't turn on.  You choosing 
between Main and Sub band and between RX and TX PL for each of those.

I noticed another reported problem which I do not recall, but that was also 
a case of reading the manual.

Whatever you decide to do, have fun.  Don't settle for just doing the FM 
birds.  They are easy.  They are a great place to start.

Try this progression:  AO-51 (Easiest FM bird), AO-27 (downlink is higher 
than published by about 3.5 KHz and it is only on for 7 minutes over North 
American Lattitude), SO-50 (need PL), VO-52 (Great SSB bird, LSB Uplink, USB 
Downlink), AO-16 (FM Uplink, DSB downlink - Off lately), and AO-07 (SSB, In 
daylight only, moderate elevation helps).

Circular polarized yagi antennas with automated elevation and azimuth 
control and some preamps pretty much complete that station and will let you 
work just about anything as long as you don't have any mountains or other 
obstruction in the way.


>I have used the IC910H for several years on the birds and have found it
very friendly to the FM birds.  I use two non satellite memories for
each FM bird.  One for the VHF uplink and one for the UHF downlink.  One
the UHF memory, I store it with AFC enabled so the radio automatically
tunes for the doppler shift on its own.

>Please check my web site at www.ka4kyi.com for more info on how I
operate the birds using the IC910H and other radios.  Contact me
directly if you would like with any other questions you might have.


Jim Danehy wrote:
> Although licensed for 55 years + , I am just now an SWL on the birds. I 
> did Oscar 6 in ~ 1975. Having worked and confirmed all of the DXCC 
> countries and just recently retired, the birds have my interest. I have 
> plenty of 1/2 inch and 7/8 inch hardline and connectors as well as a 
> Kenpro G 500 elevation rotor. I have an Elecraft K2 with their transverter 
> and a Microwave Module with satellite capability for 435. Just need some 
> antennas. I am also thinking of getting a more modern rig and the Icom 910 
> caught my eye. A friend of mine has a Yaseu 736 which he will sell me with 
> 2 and 440 modules. No price discussed yet but I thought $700 would be my 
> top. As an alternative I thought about the Icom 910H. The only concern was 
> a comment I read on EHam that it was not user friendly on the FM birds 
> being more friendly to the JA birds. Is the 910 capable of doing AO 51 OK 
> or is it a pain ? Often information can be misleading. This is my first 
> post here on the BB. If there is any bird op
>  ator close to Cincinnati, Ohio , I would love to visit your station. I do 
> have the old style Mirage bricks for 2 and 432 too. I thought of Egg 
> beaters from M Square but now leaning more toward the 10 foot long 
> circular yagis for 2 and 432.
> Any info or comments would be greatly appreciated. Hope to QSO many of you 
> soon.
> 73  Jim W9VNE
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