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JUBILEE and other frustrations

Honestly, if somebody has put a 45 kg amateur satellite into a 1,500 km plus orbit and has NOT included a 
then this hobby has really become a joke! What's the weight of a transponder module? And the cost? What's the 
in giving us something more like a "real" satellite? (and this is said with enormous love and affection for the old 
girl - which I use daily - and plenty of respect for HamSat). 

Yes - I am quite angry. We are kept in complete darkness as to real progress and launch opportunities for P3E - 
something I have repeatedly and completely uselessly complained about several times on this BB. I find this 
incredible. I have repeatedly said that I have the utmost respect for the work of AMSAT DL and I am quite keen to 
support it financially, bit I cannot see any reason for this total blackout on communication, which has been going 
since the beginning of the project. I appreciate that AMSAT DL themselves must be quite uncertain, but the DO TELL 
for God's sake! Keep us informed on negotiations, progress, prospects. That fuels enthusiasm, attracts resources 
somewhat cures frustration. We live on tiny bits of information - mostly speculations and rumours. How is this 

And now, talking about frustration, somebody invest considerable resources to put a new bird in orbit and do not 
include a transponder? Tell me that's not true, PLEASE.

73. Piero
Piero Calvi-Parisetti MM0TWX
currently also HB9DSU
for music, Ham Radio and more
visit http://www.chmusiq.com/ham

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