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Re: LVB Tracker 1 Nova fix


Here's a note I've sent privately to some individuals about the 0.9 update,
but I guess due to the response it's wise to spread it more widely.
Firstly, if you're not having any problems then I don't see a need to update
the firmware. The version you have (probably 0.7 or 0.8) has been stable for
many years now and the small change I made for 0.9 is most probably
unnecessary unless you are encountering problems. I've been using Nova for
quite some time (many years) and it was only recently I've been aware of any
problem. Because of the nature of the fault (it's intermittent), it's taken
a while to find it.
Regarding a firmware upgrade, I would only recommend upgrading the firmware
from the serial 'MAX232' port, and only using a 'proper' serial port (not a
USB one). I do know that in the early days of the project I did manage to
program the unit via an emulated USB COM port, but latterly I found it
unreliable and slow if it worked at all.
You could try upgrading through the USB port, but please bear in mind that
if it fails part way through the flash upgrade you'll need to try again
until it's successful: once the flash upgrade has started, it's already
blown away the last code. A failure in programming won't bust the chip
itself, but of course it'll be frustrating if you need to find a machine
with a serial port on it.
73, Howard GJ6LVB

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