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Re: Newbie question Icom 910H & LEO antennas


The Icom IC-910H is a great rig.  I use it all the time for the satellites 
and have worked AO-51, AO-27, SO-50, AO-07, VO-52, and AO-16 without any 
problems.  I can't imagine what the complaint on EHam was all about, but no 
matter what the rig, or anything else for that matter, there always seems to 
be some disgruntled purchaser out there.  Some of the complaints I've seen 
are based more on the knowledge of the user (or lack thereof) than the 
capabilities of the radio.  The FT-736 is a good rig with 25 watts per band. 
With a good antenna system, that should be adequate for most, if not all, 
satellites.  The IC-910H provides continuously variable output from 5 watts 
to 100 on 2 meters and 5 to 75 on 70 cm - more that you should ever need.  I 
use SATPC32 for doppler control, but I think that the FT-736 is also 
compatible, so no big deal there.  One very nice feature of the IC-910H is 
the ability to power compatible preamps through the coax with just a button 
push on the radio.  The main difference is that the IC-910H is currently in 
production and is a fairly compact package, whereas the FT-736 is 
discontinued and is big and bulky.

Overall, I think you will really like the IC-910H.  The radio does have a 
learning curve, so DON'T lose the manual.  You will be refering to it many 
times.  I've been using mine for less than a year and really like it.  It 
also does NOT have the birdie on 436.8 that wipes out the downlink on SO-50 
and AO-27 on the TS-2000, depending upon the amount of doppler shift.


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Date: Mon, 26 May 2008 11:26:00 -0400
From: "Jim Danehy" <jdanehy@cinci.rr.com>
Subject: [amsat-bb]  newbie question Icom 910H & LEO antennas

Although licensed for 55 years + , I am just now an SWL on the birds. I did 
Oscar 6 in ~ 1975. Having worked and confirmed all of the DXCC countries and 
just recently retired, the birds have my interest. I have plenty of 1/2 inch 
and 7/8 inch hardline and connectors as well as a Kenpro G 500 elevation 
rotor. I have an Elecraft K2 with their transverter and a Microwave Module 
with satellite capability for 435. Just need some antennas. I am also 
thinking of getting a more modern rig and the Icom 910 caught my eye. A 
friend of mine has a Yaseu 736 which he will sell me with 2 and 440 modules. 
No price discussed yet but I thought $700 would be my top. As an alternative 
I thought about the Icom 910H. The only concern was a comment I read on EHam 
that it was not user friendly on the FM birds being more friendly to the JA 
birds. Is the 910 capable of doing AO 51 OK or is it a pain ? Often 
information can be misleading. This is my first post here on the BB. If 
there is any bird oper!
 ator close to Cincinnati, Ohio , I would love to visit your station. I do 
have the old style Mirage bricks for 2 and 432 too. I thought of Egg beaters 
from M Square but now leaning more toward the 10 foot long circular yagis 
for 2 and 432.

Any info or comments would be greatly appreciated. Hope to QSO many of you 

73  Jim W9VNE

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