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YUBILEINY tlm and wrap-up comments

Yubileiny was NB over me twice tonight and started in cw until she appeared to be about 10/15 degree elevation over Kaluga then she switched into FM/data. I think Mineo is hearing her being commanded from Krasnoyarsk.

The default appears to be the cw beacon, but either the tlm could be slightly varied or maybe I don't have the full set yet (Rolf DK2ZF recorded a TAB value). Maybe it's my CW! She's then commanded on to FM and I think this is a downloaded data dump. It's difficult to know what the data is without the format. Simon HB9DRV has suggested Throb 4 for the link. That doesn't work for me in MixW - only garbage - but I think it's more likely to be a data dump than wefax although as Domenico I8CVS has pointed out there are certainly strong synch pulses at 2400 Hz (I get vague shapes from wx2img, probably the product of my fevered mind!!); does anyone know if could be PCM/FM as used on other Russian spacecraft?

I think she is not yet ready for the demo of sstv and other historical data. The website said she needed 4 days to setup so maybe we're getting close.

I am also concerned about the lack of charge current (from what I read into the tlm, based on RS22). Could be a sensor problem or misread. David G0MRF comments that looking at the pictures she probably has 16.2 volts on board under a load, hence us160 /10 = 16v. 

So to the downloaded cw tlm tonight, and apologies for my rusty cw:


smb109 mrxa2 mrxb2 rs30 us160 ibs20 usun2 isun0 ->FM

then the next pass 1822utc:

msep0 mcon54 sma91 smb 64 mrxa2 mrxb2 rs30 us160 ibs56 usun0 (lost it here-------------------------------------)xb66 mse-- mco--- sma116 smb66 mrxa1 mrxb2 rs30 us160 ibs56 usun2 isun0 inx57 itxb6-theninto FM @1829utc

73 de andy g0sfj

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