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LVB Tracker 1 Nova fix


A few weeks ago my attention was drawn to a compatibility problem with Nova
and the LVB Tracker 1. I believe that I have found the fault, but it is not
clear why it has taken so long for this problem to occur, especially as Nova
has been my tracking program of choce for many years! It may only affect
more recent versione of Nova.

I have adjusted the LVB Tecker's Baud Rate Generator slightly to be much
closer to 9600bps. I must have made an error in my calculations all those
years ago, so it was only operating at 9259bps. I have adjusted the BRG by
one to make 9616bps and things seem to be much better now. Technically, we
were only 3.5% out anyway which normally would be OK (ISTR that 5% timing
error is the limit).

Anyway, new 0.9 binaries and source here:


73, Howard G6LVB

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