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YUBILEINY: Some CW decode, some FM packet

Yubileiny switched on when about 10 degrees elevation from northern Russia, with intermittent FM bursts of a few hundred ms.

 Then a few second bleeeps reminiscent of WEFAX synch bleeps followed by continuous FM packet; could not decode the packet in WEFAX decoder however. Will try again with mixW.

CW sent after the FM, seemingly on command:

eauset 4
ix 544
avu 54
usun 1
isun 0
itxa 6
(fm key) *3
rs 30
us 164
ibs 76
(fm key)
rs 30
(fm key)
rs 30
us 162
ibs 12
(long fm data - gone).

These are mostly the same as in RS22 (I've taken the decode from contributors to Mineo's web site).

US seems to have replaced UBS in RS22 : On Board voltage /10
IBS On Board current /100 
USUN Charge Voltage from solar battery/10
ISUN Charge current from solar battery /100 Amps
ITXA DC Current of the Tx (it was 145 MHz tx in RS22) /100 A

RS22 telemetry did not refer to:


however I recorded these from FM keying not cw so they could be incorrect.

Therefore the values we definitely have are:

On Board voltage /10 = 16.4 or 16.2 volts (my value yesterday was 16.3)
On Board current /100 = .76 or .12 A (the letter seems low)
Charge Voltage from solar battery/10 = 0.1 Volts (seems low)
Charge current from solar battery /100 Amps = 0
DC Current of the Tx (it was the 145 MHz tx in RS22) /100 A = .006

This suggests she's not charging.

73 de andy, G0SFJ

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