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Yubileiny RS30 telemetry

Just listened to RS30 for the first time on 435.315  ish
There's an interesting data mode that follows the short periods of CW  
telemetry. It appears to comprise of data being transmitted at 4800 bps in some  
form of 'packet' at around 4 times a second.
I'm not good with data modes but that's an assumption based on a  
transmission which has a carrier in the center with peaks of energy at plus and  minus 
2400 Hz but with the whole 4800 bandwidth occupied. Does that sound right?  
(Recorded using spectran)
As the signal is transmitted you can count another 'rate' which works out  at 
Too wide for my radio on SSB.    If it's a picture, I wonder  how it's 
There's an overhead pass in Europe with AOS at 17.09 and LOS at  17.32.   
Will try FM next time.
David  G0MRF

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