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Re: Organized Chaos

Hi All,
I Myself only operated a FM bird a few times,  found it to be like 
operating one of the wide coverage repeaters that we have, and for the 
most part,  that is all that they are.

I remember when I first got on the birds also AO-7,  we had nothing to 
use for the 2 meter up-link, of course we had the 10 meter rcv covered.  
but to transmit, all  we had was the day's rock bound FM rigs.

But we found a ools vfo controlled AM 2 meter rig, I don't remember what 
it was other than it's face was fire engine red>  anyone have a idea as 
to what that was?

Well  we placed it into the up-link passband,  and found in the mic jack 
(had no mic for it)  what pins made it transmit, and hooked our straight 
key to it.

when tyhe bird came over we guestimated where we should be in the down 
link and hit the key,  not bad about 5 kc high,, put out a short cq, and 
worked someone right away first try,  what a blast and a contact we all 
will never forget!


Keith Baker KB1SF/VA3KSF wrote:

>Dave Guimomt (WB6LLO) wrote:--------------------John, the operation of FM voice satellites is a travesty for ham radio... I've been licensed for 57 years, on amateur satellites for 33 years (Oscar 7) and the FM voice operation is the most ridiculous aberration I've witnessed in all of amateur radio...Pandemonium exists here also!! 
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