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Re: QSL's to Canada and Mexico

Hi Ron!

> I am trying to get VUCC and have made several contacts in Canada and
> Mexico.  In trying to be courteous, I dont just want to drop the cards
> in the mail and hope that I get a return.  I would like to get local
> postage so they can put the card in the mail and get it back to me with
> no cost to them.
> I have found a link to the Canadian post office and am waiting for a
> login to the website so I can order stamps.  The Mexican post office
> doesnt seem to be as organized in the same way.  There isnt a english
> page on the site and google translating only gets you so far.  What are
> my options with getting postage to Mexico ?

Canada Post's online ordering bordered on the horrific a year or two
ago.  I don't bother with it.  I call through their toll-free 1-800-565-4362
number (toll-free for Canada and the USA, available 7am-7pm Eastern
time, Monday through Friday) to place orders.  No tax, no shipping
charges, just the face value of the stamps to your doorstep if outside
Canada.  This number goes to their stamp-collecting hotline, and you
get on their mailing list for future catalogs etc., but it works well.

Mexico... e-mail me directly.  I get, and keep, a small arsenal of
Mexican stamps.  It's more important for Mexico-bound mail to
avoid sending "green stamps" with your QSLs if you expect them
to reach their destination.  As long as you get a good address for
the XE ham (I may be able to help with that, if you have questions
on what may be listed on QRZ.com), making an SASE with
Mexican postage is the way to go.  I have had an almost perfect
record for getting my XE satellite QSOs confirmed down there.

Sometimes, to avoid the occasional black hole of Mexico City's airport
post office/Customs, I will have letters mailed from just across the
border in Mexico.  Mail generally takes longer to get to its destination
compared to having it arrive directly from a foreign country (i.e., from
Mexicali - across from Calexico and El Centro, California - to Mexico
City is a 3- to 4-week trip for the Mexican post), but you do avoid some
of the problems that might pop up.  Again, I can help you with that if


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