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Re: P3E Microwave Frequencies

 >Hello The Net:
 >Was just at the WWW.KEPS.IT website and saw a proposed frequency
 >plan for P3E.
 >I am starting to plan for Microwave receive only down converters
 >and transmit only up converters.
 >How firm is the frequency for the X band downlink at 10,490 MHz  ?
 >Ditto for the L2 uplink of 1,263 MHz  and S band uplink at 2,447 MHz ?
 >I am starting to look at possibilities of a common Local Oscillator
 >(LO) for some of the bands, but I am having no luck. Having a commonLO
 > or at least parts of a LO multiplier chain, would economize and maybe
 >lend themselves to being PLLed to the station 10 MHz reference.
 >Has anyone come up with common LO and IF schemes for multiple P3E
 >bands ?
 >My IC-910H will cover 1,263 MHz nicely, but it looks like all of the
 >other higher bands will have a unique LO for the band, at least for
 >X band and below.
 >Time to get ready....
 >Stan, W1LE   FN41sr   Cape Cod

There is some contradicting information around regarding the
S band receiver and X band transmitter, but here are the frequencies
the engineering and flight models are being synthesized and
crystalled for as per our efforts to get at least the X band
downlink to a more "standard" frequency:

Center Frequencies for the IF center frequency of 10.700 MHz:

U/D           Mode        Center Frequency    Bandwidth

Uplink        Coherent    2438.567 MHz        ~2 MHz
Uplink        Linear      2439.000 MHz        38 kHz
Downlink      Coherent    10451.000 MHz       ~2 MHz
Downlink      Linear      10451.000 MHz       ~2 MHz
Beacon        BPSK        10451.030 MHz       NB, Modulation dependent

These frequencies were last published in the AMSAT-DL Journal
Nr.4 Jg.33, any other public sources may be unreliable.

73's Michael, OH2AUE

"Life is too short for Sudoku"

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