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Re: P3E Microwave Frequencies


The X band downlink is centered at 10,451 MHz, the bandwidth is 38kHz.
There will be a BPSK-beacon at 10,451,030MHz ie. just above the passband.
The beacon is adjusted 6dB lower than the maximum pep of the linear 
transponder for easy uplink level adjustment.

S band uplink is 2,439,000 Mhz for 10,450,9992 MHz downlink to be exact.
Maybe we can tweak the last 800 Hz upwards ;-)
This is for the S/X-mode and S band uplink in general.

Sorry for those old frequencies that still exists on P3E websites and old

Jari, OH3UW, S/X-P3E/P5A-team

> Hello The Net:
> Was just at the    WWW.KEPS.IT   website and saw a proposed frequency 
> plan for P3E.
> I am starting to plan for Microwave receive only down converters and 
> transmit only up converters.
> How firm is the frequency for the X band downlink at 10,490 MHz  ?
> Ditto for the L2 uplink of 1,263 MHz  and S band uplink at 2,447 MHz ?

> Stan, W1LE   FN41sr   Cape Cod

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