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Re: "Birdies" from Linksys Wireless router

Well Nate I tried speedtest and I still get good numbers...

24270 kbps down and 2583 kbps up

For comparasion purposes I also ran Speakeasy again..

24637 kbps down and 2582 kbps up.

  So the two speedtest's show the same results.  I did like the speedtest 
site, it has a lot of good information. I see what your saying, I'm getting 
better service then most people get around the country. And Comcast Cable 
says they can give me faster access for 10 dollars more a month. What I have 
now is more then I need, so I'm happy. I think my home being out in the 
middle of no where in a mostly farmed 5 acre building lot zone has a lot to 
do with it! The only thing I miss is 3G service for my cellphone, I can get 
that 500 feet from my house, and almost everywhere else here on the Jersey 
Shore. Also my Comcast cable system was installed in this area only about 8 
years ago, so I guess it is fairly new, but hasn't been updated since then 
as far as I know.
  One more thing I didn't specifically mention is that of course I tried 
removing the cables from my metal cased Netgear hub. The rf was coming from 
the hub itself.

73 Jeff kb2m

----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Nate Duehr" <nate@natetech.com>
> On May 7, 2008, at 5:49 AM, jeff wrote:
>> L/S no problem. I still run wire to my main computer and also
>> downstairs in
>> my house as it is much faster than the Wireless G. How much faster?
>> According to Speakeasy speed test, wired 28212/2696 kbps, best rf (6
>> feet
>> away)10094/2646 kbps. BitTorrent notices a big difference!
> What kind of residential service is that from?  Only a very limited
> few regions in the US have deployed cable modem systems that will go
> that fast, and/or you're on something like Verizon FIOS (fiber
> optic).  Nothing in the ADSL "realm" even comes close to those numbers.
> Otherwise, I'd say the number is inaccurate... or the result of
> something being cached.   Being that you're a 2-lander, you might be
> one of the lucky few, though...
> Try www.speedtest.net also, it's a little "smarter" than Speakeasy's
> tester, but does require a Flash-capable web browser.
> --
> Nate Duehr, WY0X
> nate@natetech.com

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