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Re: "Birdies" from Linksys Wireless router

 On the other hand  I had a problem with a wired Netgear hub. If I remember 
correctly the birdie was S9, and around 145.800 or right on the ISS Mir d/l. 
I had to unplug the wall wart from the hub to power it off, to work that 
frequency. It was the hub, not the power supply, or Ethernet cat5 cable. 
When I switched over to a hybrid (wired and 2.4 gig RF) Linksys router I was 
able to eliminate the wired hub that was causing the problem. I work AO51 
L/S no problem. I still run wire to my main computer and also downstairs in 
my house as it is much faster than the Wireless G. How much faster? 
According to Speakeasy speed test, wired 28212/2696 kbps, best rf (6 feet 
away)10094/2646 kbps. BitTorrent notices a big difference!

  I also tried several different hubs, from different manufactures, all 
three of them had the same birdie, the problem went away when I went 
wireless. Go figure...

73 Jeff kb2m

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> Mark,
> If they ever get around to using it, there is also a nice birdie on 
> 145.870!
> My solution is to use ferrites on both the power and Ethernet cables from
> the router, and also use the mast mounted preamp.  That is far enough away
> that the downlink swamps the birdie.  Since most of the noise goes away 
> when
> you unplug the Ethernet cable to the desktop, I have been considering
> switching that to RF as well, as I have an unused PCI card handy.
> Alan

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