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Creating Artworks based on Delfi-C3... or ?

Dear all,

Previous days it was observed already, then in periods of maximum signal
strengths on LHCP, there is a minimum on RCHP (and visa versa).
Triggered by that I wanted to try something else: simulations reception
of the two antennas of my 'X' antenna (2x6 elements DK7ZB), and plot the
signal strengths over time.

Most likely this can be considered as a totally useless experiment, but
I wanted to do this for once (could have taken another satellite as well).
Both antennas are only 6 cm distance from eachother, which is compensated
by a bit of extra coax cable. The two cables enter the shack.

One cable has been connected to an FT817. Other cable was connected to
an TS2000. Using this set-up I did a simulatious reception of Delfi C3,
and plotted the received signals above eachother:
Result: Maximum on one antenna is minimum on the other, and visa versa.

Have a look yourself at the graph:

Conclusion of PA3GUO: fun to do, but I have no clue what this tells us :-)
Conclusion of PE1ITR: it's beautiful, but one does not know what one can do with it... it's ART ! :-)

... still:
- if Delfi C3 has circular polarization, shouldn't both signals have been the same ?
- how does this relate to the LCHP/RCHP opposite maximums (see text above) ?

Looking forward for your thoughts !

73, Henk, PA3GUO

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