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Re: Computer Controll for old Yaesu Rotators

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I have an old Yaesu G-500A elevation rotator mated to a Yaesu G-800SDX
and would like to use computer controll for both. They each have their
own controller, but they do not have buit-in computer controll boards.

Idiom ( http://www.idiompress.com/rotorcard.html ) makes a board for the
G-800SDX, but I can't find anything for the G-500A.

What would be the best inteface / boads to use with this set-up? The
Yaesu GS-232 interface is a bit pricy and was wondering about an
alternative. I use NOVA software for tracking.


Tony -K2MO


I use Kansas City Tracker to operate my CDE Ham II azimuth rotor and 
Yaesu/Kenpro G500a elevation rotor. Modifying the G500a control box was
a breeze! The rear panel has an eight wire terminal strip, although only 
wires 1-6 are actually used. I ran the common motor control wire to terminal
#8. Now all necessary wires for automatic control are available at the back 

I found my KCT board here on the BB a couple of years ago. .  Seems like 
there should be a few more out there for sale? I think
that the going rate is in the $40-$50 range? Just make sure that you have a 
PC with an available ISA slot. The most modern
PC I've found with an ISA slot is a Pentium 2 450 MHz. It runs Windows 98 
quite nicely, and SATPC32 operates my Icom radios and
KCT quite nicely. I also use InstantTrack/Instanttune, which can be run in 
Windoze or DOS.

Of course. the LVB tracker looks really nice, too! Some day.... <grin>


Kyle Yoksh
Olathe, Kansas

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