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Re: help tuning AO-16

Hi Bob!

> I have a lot of trouble tuning in stations on AO-16,,, strong sigs, but i
>  just haven't got the knack of it,,, I put the receiver on USB,,, even  the  most
>  minor adjustments dont do it... any hints? All sounds like you are  listening
>  to SSB on an AM radio... by the time I get a station tuned in, they  are gone

Since the downlink is DSB, try switching between USB and LSB.  Some
have even heard the downlink using AM.  For me, when I've worked or
tried to work this satellite, I have an easier time using LSB to hear the
downlink.  I am not using any automation for my stations, as you know.
Since the downlink frequency goes lower, I have always had an easier
time tuning in that direction in LSB.

I don't work this one too much, since I have to go with a two-radio setup
(some sort of 2m FM rig on the uplink, and either an FT-817ND or AOR
AR8200Mk2 handheld wide-band all-mode receiver for the downlink) and
sometimes I don't have all the gear with me.  Other times, I don't have
the time to get the two radios set up with my Yagi in time for those
passes.  When I get my living situation stablized, and get a radio that
is better suited for all-mode satellite work, I'll try this one more often.

Good luck with AO-16.  73!

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