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Re: Delfi-C3

Geoff wrote:
> On Tuesday 29 April 2008 14:23, Alan Cresswell wrote:
>> It seems that most reports of good Delfi reception relate to northbound
>> passes.  So far it appears that Delfi has not been heard in VK/ZL during a
>> number of Southbound sunlit passes despite a number of stations listening
>> and good reception of SEEDS and Cute1.7.    Could this be a spacecraft
>> orientation issue or has Delfi just a bit anti Southern hemisphere?
> snipped
> It is possible that Alan is right? I have listened to two good sun-lit passes 
> without hearing a thing from DelfiC3. I wonder what the telemetry is saying 
> about orientation and power system performance? I like it when a new bird 
> presents us with a puzzle :-)
> 73 de Geoff vk2tfg.
Hi Geoff,

Next pass if you don't hear anything on 145.87 or `45.93 try to listen 
to delfi's emergency signal.
Downlink signal in emergency mode are 2 tones, of 500Hz and 900Hz each, 
modulated DSB onto the (suppressed) carrier, use USB to receive this signal.
These tones themselves are modulated with 100Bd FSK each with raw 
payload data. If you hear this signal, please record a wav file if possible.


Delfi-C3 Mission Control
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