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Re: Determining when Delfi-C3 is out of eclipse?

On Apr 28, 2008, at 18:42:56, Alan wrote:

> In SATPC32 - use the "S" option to turn the "Sun Line ON/OFF" and  
> status of
> satellite will show "SAT in SUN" or "SAT in ECLIPSE" beside your QTH
> co-ordinates in top left corner.

Ah, I'm on a Mac...

> Thus, the satellite may be over the dark side of the earth while its
> elevation will put it up into the sun.
> Very handy for AO-7 too.
> Can't give you specific info as you didn't tell us your QTH.  Need  
> more than
> just the 4 character grid square.

My QTH shouldn't be necessary to tell if the satellite is in or out of  
eclipse at a given time, right? I just need to know if it's out of  
eclipse in the 10 - 15 minutes after each of these times (tonight):

0342 UTC
0516 UTC

Unless I'm completely forgetting something...


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