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SEEDS and Other CubeSat TLE

Hi All,

I received a number of requests for SEEDS TLE this morning. The truth is that there aren't any specific elements for SEEDS or any of the other CubeSats...yet. I used the preliminary launch vehicle elements published by UTIAS-SFL last night to track SEEDS (http://www.utias-sfl.net/NLS-4/). Since the sats did not get to far from the launch vehicle in the first hour, those elements were accurate. Now that it's been T+12 hours, those elements are likely to be inaccurate. In this case, you should use the elements on SpaceTrack under the "Search by Satellite Launch Date" (use April 28th for the date). Objects A-G should correspond to the CubeSats launched. Now it's a game to figure out which Object ID belongs to which satellite! The last I heard from other stations was that *Object B* worked well for SEEDS, but you should try switching objects and finding out which one is SEEDS for yourself. As time goes by, you'll see suggestions on the BB as to which TLE
 works for which spacecraft. Eventually you'll start seeing their common names appearing on the SpaceTrack site as well. Hope that answers your questions.

BTW, can any AMSAT member tell what the rules are for reposting TLE? I thought that it was prohibited unless you had special permission, so I have omitted the latest elements from my post until I find out for sure...

Thanks all. I know the students and developers REALLY appreciate your help and the telemetry you're capturing! It's certainly been fun and rewarding for me. 

Good luck on your upcoming passes. 73,


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