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Re: DelfiC3 heard

Hi all.
Can I recommend Spectran as a good piece of software for recording and  
displaying weak signals.  The screen shows frequency and time and  signal level so 
you can very easily adjust the tuning for 1600Hz required for  the RASCAL 
decoding software.
I used it to identfy Suitsat 1 and estimate its ERP.
Set the sample rate for 44kHz to get the highest bandwidth and  quality.
_www.weaksignals.com_ (http://www.weaksignals.com/) 
Thanks David  - Sadly at work and not near the radio.....
In a message dated 28/04/2008 12:29:29 GMT Standard Time,  
rob_g8ate@hotmail.com writes:

Hi  All
I managed to hear Delfi-c3b beacon this afternoon using spacetrack  object A 
#32783 the Sat was running approx 1min early ,so far as I could tell  ,the 
beacon was centred on 145.930+- doppler, at los the recorded frequency on  my 
ft847 was 145.927.6
I was unable to decode the telemetry due to a  shortcoming in my doppler 
control progarm in that it tunes in 10hz steps which  is to high but will try and 
rectify this as soon as I can.At times the signal  was s7 but with very deep 
fading using a 6 el quad with horiz pol.Regards  Robert G8ATE 

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