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Re: Delfi C3 first orbit

On Apr 27, 2008, at 3:03 PM, Mark Vandewettering wrote:

> Me too!
> 1. Bay Area: check!
> 2. Mac: check!
> 3. Recording: check!
> I got RASCAL working on one of my Linux boxes, but not the Mac.  My
> idea is that I am going to record the pass using my Macbook, and then
> play it back later and see if I can get it to decode with RASCAL.
> Using my FT-817 and a simple Doppler correcting control script that
> I wrote using my Python satellite library, I hope that the TLE's
> they have will be good enough to find the signal.  I'll post here if
> I succeed.  Best wishes to all the cubesat developers for a good
> launch!

I'll leave Wouter out of this reply since I know he's overwhelmed with  
stuff right now.

I've got both an ICOM IC-910H and an ICOM IC-R1500 receiver. I'm  
tempted to just use the R1500 because it shows up as a USB Audio  
Device when I plug it in to my Mac, making it much easier to record  
from. Oh, and it's very portable, which the IC-910H is not. I plan to  
drive up to a high spot on Crestview in San Carlos (Belmont?) and  
point my antenna and do Doppler correction by hand (sadly, I don't  
think MacDoppler Pro can tune the R1500 yet).

I think the receiver in the IC-910H is better than the R1500, but it's  
just going to be so hard to lug up there, and I don't have a cable to  
record its audio. I have time to make one, so I probably should, but  
I've got a mental block for some reason.

Maybe someone with more experience can tell me what I should do instead.


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