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Re: A reminder re: phonetic alphabet and digits... (N7JK)

Dale and Pat, I'd like to add a few more comments.  I know the passes are 
short, but
I've observed a lot of time wasted by multiple stations transmitting at the 
same time,
not letting a station finish their exchange, and the use of excessive power. 
The handheld
stations don't have a chance when big guns blasting away with gobs of power. 
The other night a K1...
station was obliterated and stomped on.  How many "1" calls do you hear 
these days?

Please folks, especially on the busy FM birds.  A chaos is inevitable, but 
we can minimize it if we...
1.  Run the minimum power necessary to reach the satellite - 5 watts or less 
if your radio allows.
2.  Listen for the weak station operators.
3.  Operate full duplex so you can hear the downlink while transmitting.
4.  Be patient and let others complete their exchange.  If we stomp on each 
other nobody wins.
5.  If you hear multiple stations (usually just a grunge sound) on the 
downlink, stop transmitting.
Nobody makes a contact when everybody transmits at the same time.
6.  If you can't hear the downlink, don't keep transmitting.  Just because 
you can't hear the bird
doesn't mean that the bird can't hear you and that you are not interfering 
with others.
7.  We all mess up from time to time, so be patient with us.
8.  Oh, and did I say, "Use the minimum power necessary....?"

And yes, I'm probably preaching to the choir, but I guess we all need to be 
reminded from time to time.

John Kopala - N7JK

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I have been diligently waiting and trying to work the XE stations.  It is as 
exciting for me
as I suppose it for them.  The other night  I had a call from XE2BRL I was 
not sure on
his suffix so I asked him to repeat to be sure and when he came back he was 
up by QRM by other stations trying to get him that I never was able to 
complete the
QSO or grid squares.   I know the passes are short but for fringe area to 
fringe are on
the foot print I sure wish folks would give some consideration.  I try to 
keep my
transmissions short and consider other folks needs over mine.  I will keep 
trying though.
I do have confirmation  from Japan on the other hand... That was pretty 

Dale - KL7XJ

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