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EW/G0SFJ report

EW/G0SFJ successfully contacted G7HIA on 20th April
via AO-51, but under difficult conditions.

With licence number 000065, and thanks to two local
hams, and to the great interest of the local Militsia,
on the evening of 19 April I made contact simplex on
145.500 with other local hams in Minsk from outside my
hotel. The next day Sunday 20th, we were QRV on the
early pass of AO-51 at about 0650 UTC but FM'd out by
QRO hams in Moscow and Ukraine (in Russian) and in YO8
(calling in English). We used a separate 5w TX and RX
but did not hear ourselves coming back.

By 0920 utc we were in Krutki north-east of Minsk, to
see the monument to Belarussian cosmonaut Vladimir
Kovalenok. Using a THD-7E powered from the car battery
I think I switched on SO-50, then heard 5/9 a (G6 or
G7)and Ib, OZ1MY, but could not establish contact
because I was still on duplex and feedback howl
through the satellite blanked me out!

But at 1630 approx utc, after a DL and OE had a long
conversation in German, and a UA9 in Siberia passed
by, I did manage to contact John G7HIA, 5W with my
trusty Arrow antenna, from Minsk, KO33su - so he gets
the card!!

Any SWL cards or reports gratefully received by email
or QTHR, and will be acknowledged!!

My thanks to Alex Pantchenko, President of BFRR, and
the Minsk hams, whom I have decided not to name - they
know who they are, and I shall write to them

73 de andy, G0SFJ

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